Despite The Help From Kennedys And Clintons, Sinn Fein Turns On USA!

While Bojo waffles about de-escalation, some other politicians in the British Isles are less equivocal on the rights and wrongs of Donald Trump’s strike against sectarian terrorism – in one case, at least, not surprisingly!

Irish government must immediately join the global condemnation of illegal and reckless US action – Senator Paul Gavan

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There you are – maybe a first, me taking a quote from Sinn Fein’s website, but if it clarifies the thinking of the many Americans who still imagine the Sinn Fein/IRA murder-gang were ever, in any way, worthy of support, it’s a useful step for me to take.


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It’s quite in character for the Shinner sh-ts!. .

…if you know your modern history, you’ll not be surprised.


These swine are not only Britain’s enemies but America’s too.

President Trump, who in the past, like many people in the USA, was quite frankly WRONG about the nature of the vermin party…

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams shakes Republican, now President, Donald Trump's hand.


…inherited the policy of a cordial relationship between the White House and the disloyal  swine, but now?


POTUS should slam the door next time Blood-Beast Adams shows up!