Fretty Frenchwoman Gets A Dizzy!

NB – having been in touch with various Scots in the Festive Season, my memories of their patois was refreshed.

A ‘dizzy’ is Scots for ‘a disappointment’ but specifically re a ‘date’  – eg being stood up, or the tryst otherwise unsatisfactory…

That TNE Europhiliac rag is turning into a close rival to the Guardian as a prime source of raw bloggery material.

This piece is a doozy, about a part-Belgian, but mostly French, female who has her knickers in a right, sorry, left, twist about Brexit.

She feels so unwelcome, she bleats, now that British people have had their national self-respect reaffirmed and deliverance from Brussels is at hand.

Her only justification for her unease appears to be that a lurching drunk in London’s Soho bumped into her and when she called it his fault, he called her a ‘bloody foreigner!’

Drunks do that kind of thing. Nasty drunks.


Us nice drunks would likely be effusive in their apologies and ask her out!

A shame for the chick, but  hardly any kind of evidence of a ‘Brexit Effect.’

But stand by for an unbelievable uptight rant!

The man I was seeing for a drink did little to help cheer me up. As I recounted to him what had just happened, he burst out laughing: “Here we go… you’re about to sing the usual Remainers’ song, that Brexit gives rise to racism.”

What a smart fellow.


He’s going with the democratic flow!

Yet his common sense was ill-received by Madamoiselle from wherever…

Two rude Brits, just a few minutes apart. Two blows in quick succession. As we continued the conversation, I then found out that the guy, a former Remainer who used to be a New Labour supporter, applauded the victory of Boris Johnson, for whom he had just voted with no hesitation

Good to read of a lost sheep returning to the fold.

But there’s no assuaging Mamselle’s chagrin at her date’s conversion to the patriot cause!


Not the contemptuous bint in TNE but a good picture of a scorned woman!

….to see this brilliant writer so delighted with the triumph of a British populist, and so patronising about my post-Brexit misadventure was both depressing and instructive.

Whether Bojo is any kind of populist, rather than somebody who can talk the talk…



…is a separate and debatable topic, but who the hell does this arrogant minx think she is!

She may be content with her own government, with Macron, whose condescension towards the French people knows no bounds…

Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

…but what are we to make of her lack of respect for the outcome of a free and fair UK election, never mind the outcome of a free and fair referendum which was obstructed for three years by her sort…

Mamselle’s ideal man, looking down on the electorate!


…stuck-up, ‘we know best’ elitists.

In fact, most British people, I’d say no matter how they vote, are disposed to kindness, to being as helpful as possible, when stumbling across a foreign visitor, as indeed are most people in most countries I have visited…

…which is one reason I always took pride in assisting stray foreigners whom I encountered back in The Old Country.

The whining bint evidently looks down on the triumphant British majority, so it is perhaps a good idea that she review her disrespect for her host nation…

…or sod off, either home or to Eire, where she describes mixing with people similar in their prejudices to herself.