Good Legal Immigrants? Always Welcome!

Now here’s a smiling face that demolishes the Media-Democrat Big Lie that patriots in America or anywhere are anti-immigrant.


Michelle Steel for Congress

Hey there Fellow Conservative,

When I came to the United States as an immigrant, I came in search of opportunity with hope for a better future.

Instead, I found a broken political system that was victimizing the very people it was built to serve. The Democrats in Congress aren’t working to fix the system, they’re pushing a socialist agenda that will only make it worse.


…she’s running for Congress, in the land where the lunatic left rules supreme!!

Fatuous Friscolese – New Left-Lingo In California! 


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“…instead of referring to an individual as an “inmate,” one should use the term, “currently incarcerated person.” Rather than call someone a “juvenile offender,” the person should be described as a “young person impacted by the justice system.”



Welcome To The Nut-House California! 


God knows California needs a good woman like her to fight back against the very bad men and women who are tarnishing what used to be the Golden State!