Lest We Forget…Eire’s Neck-Deep Collusion With Murder!

I was reminded that this week saw the anniversary of the Kingsmill ethnic cleansing atrocity committed by Sinn Fein-IRA terrorists, who escaped justice thanks to collusion by that vile enemy republic, Eire.


We wrote about that last month.

‘Dublin is on trial for covering up for the IRA!’

Sinn Fein/IRA – Eire’s Collabo-Cops Forced To Face Kingsmills Questions? 

But the families of those victims are not the only folk seeking honest answers from the dirty-tricks Dublin regime.

A man who believes Dublin colluded in the murder of his Garda father says Irish state papers released this week are yet another example of why a public forum should review “Irish state collusion with subversives during the Troubles”.


This man, Dr Finian Fallon by name, was in the news again after declassified Irish state papers showed that a British ambassador’s holiday details were deliberately leaked by gardai and ended up with the IRA.

Not every member of the Garda Siochana, Eire’s police force, was or is rotten, I’m sure. Dr Fallon’s father, Garda Richard Fallon, was shot dead by republicans.

But the continuing cover-ups by one Dublin government after another, the sanctuary provided to terror scum by Eire’s morally bankrupt judiciary, and the eager collaboration…



…and easy intimacy…


Enda Kenny in Blood-Beast Adams’ embrace


…between Eire leaders and Sinn Fein scum, captured on camera, make it plain that Eire remains the Eternal Enemy.