No Longer A Crime To Offer Your Services As A Contract Killer?


You may, like myself, never have heard of an “actor and comedian” named George Lopez, who, judgiing from the photo in PJ Media, looks a lot like that Hollywood sleazo Weinstein, currently on trial in the USA for crimes not remotely similar to what Lopez, in many people’s opinion, should be charged with.



The unkempt-looking individual has got his brief bout of infamy because, when the sectaraian despotism in Tehran offers a bounty of $80,000,000 to murder President Trump, Scruffbag put in a bid, not only on his own behalf but on behalf of other unidentified ass-holes, to serve the ayatollahs as a contract killer.

“We’ll do it for half.”

Given how discredited the FBI has become thanks to Comey and Co., there’s not much confidence that they will do their duty and bring in the douche-bag for questioning.

However, the US Secret Service might still be up to doing the job they’re paid to do.

We wait and see…