Will Croatia Continue To Take Its Duty Seriously!

Croatia’s presidential election this past weekend, in which the ‘centre-left’ candidate ousted the ‘centre-right’ incumbent, has been scantily reported.

What effect that will have on the situation discussed below, penned just recently, we need to observe carefully.


The fact is that a large number of individuals move along a number of countries on the so-called Balkan route without identity documents and without any problems. The fact is that, due to its complex and inefficient system lacking staff and equipment, Bosnia and Herzegovina is failing to protect its eastern border, as well as its western border with Croatia…

And in Bosnia’s Bihac, as we saw last month, the people are demanding their government protect not only the border but them, from the ingrate anti-social savages irresponsibly allowed into that little country.

Solidarity With Bihac, Tormented By Ingrates! “I.O.M. Go Home!” 

.Even the BBC reports the locals ‘fear for their safety in their own town…’

That statement at the top of the page is the first part of the excellent riposte from Croatia’s Police, whom we’ve sometimes, though not always, praised…

Immigrants? CRIMMIGRANTS! ‘They Forced The Police Back!’ 

Croatia’s Come-Uppance – Cops Crumble Before Amok Ingrates! 

….to shrilling from pro-crimmigrant leftists about an arrogant illegal who tried to barge across the country’s border from Bosnia, where the horde of undesirable aliens, as noted, has provoked the people to outraged indignation.



The ‘NGO’ ( No-Good-Outfits? ) are in the habit of smearing the police.

Crimmigrants Say CROATIA’S The ‘Problem?’ Give ‘Em Hell! 

So what’s the latest storm in a tea-cup?

The damned crimmigrant got shot!

Yet instead of hailing this as a right and proper response to violations of their sovereign frontier, Croatia’s enemies within have raised a hue and cry against the cop who shot the crimmigrant…



…claiming there are several witnesses ( funnily enough, all of them fellow-crimmigrants!) putting the good policeman in the wrong.

Ridiculously, the Croat authorities are casting about for exculpatory excuses.

While no nation should ever have to apologise for using lethal force to defend itself against illegal incursions, these days we are accustomed to governments abasing themselves in such a manner.

But methinks at heart, Croatia’s border security is in safe hands, if their spokesman means what he says.

“As a full member of the European Union, Croatia has an obligation to protect its own border, which is at the same time the external border of the EU.

Croatia is doing this, both on its eastern and western borders.”

Unfortunately, while all decent people everywhere in Europe will be pleased at what the Guardian calls ‘brutal policing…’

Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 


Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead… 

…that damn ‘EU’ will show as little gratitude as the Greeks got when they – pre-Red Tsipras – were doing a grand job.