‘Islamophobia?’ Time For Tories To Expel Wailing Warsi!

’Islamophobia,’ a quite recent addition to the English language, is a self-serving construct designed to suppress criticism of sectarian fanatics.

I’m told the term was invented by the rabid CAIR movement in the USA…

…and others maintain it was CAIR’s global manifestation, the Muslim Brotherhood, but despite its suspect origins, it has gained wide currency.

Its most high-profile user in the UK is that wearisome middle-aged  bat Warsi, on whom some fool awarded a life peerage ( another reason to abolish life peerages!)


The Baroness WarsI
Official portrait of Baroness Warsi crop 2.jpg


…and she was been ranting on and on about how the Tory Party must conduct an inquisition against ‘Islamophobes’ and root them out.

Her jackboot mentality is nothing new – she demanded that the party’s London mayoral candidate a few years ago be subjected to ‘mandatory diversity’ indoctrination…



…after Zac Goldsmith fought a gutsy campaign highlighting the extremists supporting his Labour opponent.

Why have sensible conservative people not started a campaign to have the ghastly grizzler herself expelled from the Tory Party?

She’s no asset, indeed quite the opposite, and her latest outburst, a masterpiece of Islamist triumphalism, provides the perfect moment for her defenestration.


Why has this not been done?



Because those who are in a position to do so, probably, are scared of accusations of ‘Islamophobia!’

It would be useful, too, to tackle the ridiculous ‘hate’ laws.

Of course they should be abolished altogether, but at least, meantime, the ludicrous categorisation of Muslims as a race needs to go.


Muslims, like Christians, include worshippers of ALL races. Neither their creed, nor any other, should be immune from criticism.

As long as incitement to violence is prohibited…



…speech of every sort should be free.