Ayatollahs’ Top Terrorist – ‘A Beloved Hero?’ – U.S. Media Told You!

We know that much of the media is not on the right side – left to far-left is more like it – but one ‘American’ channel has now gone beyond its customary disloyalty to total derangement!



You may have guessed,  it’s MSNBC  – and the particular example is a fool named Chris Matthews, who chose to describe the recently ( and very acceptably) drone-struck Iranian terrorist warlord Soleimani as –

‘a beloved hero of the Iranian people…’

Seriously – and his ‘evidence’ for this delusional definition was the rent-a-crowd rabble howling their sectarian hatred against the USA!


MSNBC's Chris Matthews Undergoes Surgery For Prostate Cancer

Chris Matthews


’…to the point where — look at the people, we got pictures up now…’


This toad is meant to be a journalist?




Has he never seen similarly assembled mobs roaring their delight at the most foul tyrants, in North Korea, the Soviet Union, Red China, either dead or alive…

Chinese in tears mourning the death of former PRC leader Mao Zedong.

….some of the hollering horrors, no doubt, as evil as the object of their sycophantic yammering, but most of those in attendance, equally no doubt, knowing full well on which side their bread was buttered!

…”public transportation in Iran has been at a standstill…since all available buses are being used to round up scattered supporters throughout the country to fill the frame of the lens…”

Soleimani, and his thug-gang, the ‘Quds Force,’ an evil ‘elite’ within the ‘Revolutionary Guards’ ( akin to Hitler’s SS) had made life hell for the millions in Iran who pine for freedom.


He’s in Hell now himself, but the RG/SS continue to do his wicked work.

He was not only an apostle of terror abroad but of police-state oppression at home.

It was entirely appropriate that the chief mourner was the malevolent ‘Supreme Leader’ – Fuhrer  – a satanic tyrant who has not only never faced a free election in his unfortunately long life, but cannot even be bothered to fake an election!

The demented old swine, like his satanic predecessor, Khomenei, fantasises that he’s there by the grace of God…

Crazed Comrade Chris  – who sought to compare the ‘mourner’ mob to the crowds who, of their own volition, came onto the streets of England after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales – was quickly put in his place by decent Iranian patriots ( see linked report)

But would it not be a sensible step to put him in the trash can?