So? Did Crimmigrant Savages In Malta Start The Fire Or Not?

What blithe cop-out clap-trap we’re hearing from UNHCR in Malta after fire ‘broke out’ at a migrants’ centre on the island state.

While condemning all forms of violence and vandalism…

Here we go again, that ‘while’ indicative of an imminent effort to exculpate the arsonists.



And while concrete proof of arson is not mentioned in the report, we are told that investigations are under way AND that –

 ...a number of arrests were made….

If, as seems likely, anti-social ingrate aliens are to blame, it certainly won’t be the first time Maltese folk have seen illegals demonstrate…

Migrants Amok – Malta


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Now Piracy Pays! Surely Better Just Hang Migrant Hi-Jackers

…how little they appreciate being given three squares a day, gratis, and a roof over their primitive heads, also gratis!

Undesirables who gate-crash civilised countries have no right to whine about the free board and lodgings lavished on them – not really free, of course, but rather gouged from the taxes of honest working Maltese citizens…



…and ABSOLUTELY no right to cause damage or injury to persons or property.


Any savages who do should instantly be sent back to where they arrived from, usually Libya, and let’s see how the Libyans respond to uppity ‘migrants’ who don’t belong in Libya!