Scurrilous Abuse? Green ‘Hate’ Biter Bitten!

Interesting case of the biter bit in Austria, where a minister in the new coalition government got the whine chorus stirred up about ‘hate speech’ against her on ‘social media.’

Unfortunately, the BBC fails completely to offer examples of what’s got her so alarmed.

One hopes it’s not just an excuse for self-serving publicity, like the now thankfully almost forgotten Fourth Reich Fan…

Shrill Soubry Should Get Out Of The Kitchen!

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Brexit – Shrill Soubry Pants For Stalin-Style Purge! 

….Shrill Soubry, in the UK.

The woman, Ms. Zadic by name, should not be targetted merely for her country of origin.

That kind of malice is unreasonable!

If an immigrant to a country makes clear her, or his, unconditional allegiance to her new homeland, she or he is qualified to serve her new homeland.

End of story?

Not quite!

Zadic is described as both a Green and a lawyer, ‘specialising in human rights.’ the latter alone being grounds for distaste…


…and the former no better.

But on the question of her indivisible loyalty to Austria…



…that basic requirement certainly seems compromised by her own words.

She rejects the notion that individuals should choose a single identity. “It was diverse New York that showed me I could be simultaneously a female Austrian, Bosnian and European,” she told the website.’

Not good enough!

If she’s a minister in the Austrian government, she should be absolutely crystal clear that her days of being Bosnian are behind her.

As for ‘European,’ that may be construed as a cultural reference, but does she mean that her allegiance is not just to her country but to the EUSSR?



We can’t say for sure, but if her outlook was formed  – as she herself said – ‘in diverse New York,’ a milieu notorious for decadence, cosmopolitanism and multicult, then patriotic Austrians would be wise to beware.

But my headline today refers to her yelps about being the victim of scurrilous abuse, while at the same time owing – what?

damages of €700 (£595; $777), which a court ordered her to pay over a photo she had posted on the internet. A young man in the photo denied that he was pictured giving a Nazi salute – he said he had simply been waving to fraternity friends. Ms Zadic had captioned it: “no tolerance for neo-Nazis, fascists and racists.”

A hateful slur against an innocent young man?

She’s appealing – the court case, that is.

Her whines,however, are NOT appealing to a lot of Austrians!