Lazy BBC Just Echoes Guardian ‘Arson Emergency’ Rant – Or Vice-Versa?

I perhaps COULD be a ‘bot’…but I’m NOT!


Obviously, I couldn’t recall exactly what was said on the BBC news the other morning, so after a few cups of coffee….


..I went in search of the related BBC stuff on their website.

Oddly, I couldn’t at first find it, but sure enough, the Guardian had a long diatribal (new word?) report on the same subject, so I opened it up…


…it was near enough IDENTICAl, even down to the quotes from a panicky academic named Dr. Timothy Graham, who set off a similar hue and cry in Australia’s last election, when he claimed that a terrifying 4.5% of twitterers whom he dissected were ‘bots!’


And so more than 95% were, logically, not-bots?

So now, with the woodlands of Oz engulfed in flames, what’s Timothy on about?


Image result for dr. tim graham qut fires bbc

Doc Graham the Bot-Hunter!


The conspiracy theories going around (including arson as the main cause of the fires) reflect an increased distrust in scientific expertise, scepticism of the media, and rejection of liberal democratic authority.

Stop a minute!  Distrust? Scepticism? Rejection of Libdemism? Does Doc Tim really mean what he says when he continues…

These are all major factors in the global fight against disinformation…”

So they are to be welcomed, surely, if they advance the fight against disinformation!?!

There’s ‘scepticism of the media?‘ Surely not, when you have the Guardian to read…

Guardian‘s Gabbling Gaby’s Goodwill Towards The London Stinkos! 


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…and the BBC to watch.

There’s ‘increased distrust in scientific expertise?‘ Surely not, when there’s Phil Jones to look up to? 



Pusillanimous Prof – Phil Jones

ClimateGate – A Retrospect! Well Worth Reading, I’d Think! 

And if people are rejecting not democratic authority in general, but ‘liberal democratic authority,’ which is almost an oxymoronic concept, well…

…ain’t that a shocker and a shame?


But if you read on, there’s a glimmer of the truth.

There is no dispute that arson is a serious problem in Australia, or that arsonists have not been active in the current bushfire season. NSW police say they have charged 24 people with deliberately lighting bushfires this season.