Rotten Big Apple, Where Democrats Give Crimmigrants The Vote!

    Would ya look at that!

In New York City, the crimmigrant population has been so emboldened by the Democrats that they brazenly line up in public – to get driving licenses!

NY Law Automatically Registers Illegal Aliens to Vote

The crimmigrants should have been loaded onto border-bound trucks!


And NOW the Democrats are cementing their clammy grip on power by giving illegal aliens the right to vote!

In the past, I have light-heartedly added this cartoon, below, to make a serious point – 

– but I never imagined the rotten in-crowd in the rotten Big Apple would turn the nightmare into reality quite so shamelessly!



Thanks to, the spotlight has been turned on Democrats in New York who didn’t wait very long before executing the third and final step in their scheme to register illegal alien voters.

After allowing crimmigrants to get driving licenses, New York has niftily enacted another law – to register anybody who applies for a driving license, guess what,  to be enrolled to VOTE!

But wait…that’s just TWO stages!

What did Townhall mean by ‘the third?

They lay it out, clearly and convincingly.

 First, attract illegal aliens to the state with sanctuary policies and generous taxpayer-funded benefits, give them government IDs, and then register them to vote.

In New York, once an individual is registered to vote, they do not need to show an ID before casting a ballot.

This is frankly outrageous.

Not being American, I don’t know how best to advise decent New Yorkers on tackling this dirty Democrat assault on democracy, but I’m sure the brightest and best patriots are working on it!