Canada’s Terror Threat – Jihad? ‘Far Right?’ Or Red Nazi Antifa?!?

We really need to stop debating whether far right or Islamist extremists are more dangerous: both need to be monitored…

That was the headline in an obscure part of the media, and what struck me about it was not the choices offered as dangers to beware of…



…but the absence there of any reference to the other serious violent threat to Canadians and their freedoms.

It’s not as if there have been no examples of the Antifa Red Nazi hate freaks stomping Canadian civil liberties by fist, boot and more deadly weapons in recent times.

 “…the ‘Antifa’ movement has always had at its core a group of masked violent thugs who delight in assaulting innocent people and destroying property.”

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Crack-Down Time In Canada – Smash The Red Nazis! 


And there was the infamous episode when a vile Syrian ingrate took to bullying two Canadian senior citizens in Hamilton Ontario…

…and then elsewhere in Canada…..

Quebec’s Cops- Cowards? Or Collaborators With The Red Nazi Gang? 

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Masked Antifa gang attack woman journalist as Canadian police watch, refuse to help …

There are plenty more examples, here in our blog, and all over the internet, if you look for them…

DISGUSTING: BDS, Antifa, Attack Jewish Event; Shout “Back to the Ovens” at Toronto’s York U

However, I found a petition from a couple of years ago..


Label Antifa a Terrorist Group in Canada

…which didn’t achieve its desired objective…



… but that demand should be revisited!