The Salvini Effect! But It Wears Off With No Booster Dose!

The number of migrants arriving in Italy by sea decreased by 50.72 percent in 2019 compared to 2018, according to the Italian ministry of interior.

Better by far if the cancer is cut out, and that will never happen if Red Renzi and his Five Star fake-populist collabos stay in power.

Indeed, there’s talk of a huge crimmigrant ‘amnesty!’

The crimmigrant tsunami was held at bay while Matteo Salvini was in government…




…though even then, dependent on those flaccid Five Stars, he could only do so much to deter bludger-boats operated by far-left fanatics.

Next week, 26th January, we will see the regional results in Emilia-Romagna, long a left stronghold, even stronger than Umbria, which fell to the patriot alliance last October.

The Enemy Within Italy’s desperation was made manifest this month when the leftist Republicca newspaper called for Salvini to be ‘erased!’

Not bloody likely!

If Matteo ‘s Lega and his Fratelli allies, led by that dishy, doughty dame, Giorgia Meloni…



…can make the needful break-through there…?

Another step forward to getting an Italian Government that looks after Italians!