Sorosoids Ranting For Satan’s Sows? OMG – UK Tax-Funded!

Guess who has ‘condemned the British government for reportedly agreeing to repatriate children from Syrian camps on the condition they are separated from their mother.’


A woman named Maya Foa, who serves as ‘director of the legal charity Reprieve!

We’ll get back to her later, and ‘Reprieve,’ and when we do, please take careful note of where it gets its money.

I offer you a couple of clues, only one of which may surprise you.

But first…

The report in The Independent concerns an evil piece of garbage, Mehak Aslam, who joined Isis with her husband in 2014, who bred with an ISIS pig…


The four children of Shahan Choudhury and Mehak Aslam may be repatriated to the UK.
Shahan Choudhury and Mehak Aslam

….by the name of Shahan Choudury, who is in another Syrian prison.

Obviously, people who freely choose to travel a thousand miles or more to attach themselves to a cult which glorified brutal rape, sex slavery and of course mass murder…




…should not be allowed near children, their own or anyone else’s.

It’s shocking that right now the beast has been permitted continuing custody and/or control of four kids of impressionable age.

By coincidence, yesterday, I saw a news team visit one of those camps, and listened in astonishment as one of the filthy bag-heads confined there complained that they were not treated with ‘respect!’

If the children of the monstrous Mehak Aslam are brought to Britain – and there’s no obvious reason why they should be – then whoever gets to mind them, care-home staff, foster parents or relatives, MUST understand that there’s a prerequisite involved…



…a duty to teach the children that some nasty notions they may have picked up from the pig and the sow are simply WRONG.

Not just rape and sex slavery, but the underlying vicious intolerance that ‘justified’ those crimes.

The outrageous idea that people who worship in other ways ( or don’t worship at all) are lesser human beings.



The offensive nonsense that people are not free to use their God-given brains and convert from one creed to another.


The sexist absurdity of polygamy.

And the absolutely unacceptable affront of claiming that solidarity with overseas co-religionists…



…can trump every Brit’s -adult or child –  unqualified allegiance to Queen and Country.

Mehak Aslam is a rabid bitch.

She and her primitive husband deserve execution.

But what are we to make of that Maya Foa?

ODVV interview: Human rights in Saudi Arabia in conversation with Maya Foa - Maya Foa