MYOB! India Sets A Fine Example The West Should Follow!

Good for India!

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I say that after reading about an insolent German student, who was kicked out of India for participating in a citizenship law protest…
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….Jakob Lindenthal, a German student from Dresden, has said he was advised by the Indian embassy in Germany against traveling back to India on his student visa…

Look at the uppity klutz!
Standing there on an Indian street, insulting the government of the country in which he is, or was then, a guest. 
No bloody wonder he’s been given the bum’s rush! 
It’s beside the point whether the government there is right or wrong.
He can think what he likes, and even start a blog if he likes, and, if he were in Germany, he could picket the Indian Embassy in Berlin – but to stomp around any Indian town, on a demo about a highly controversial issue of India’s domestic politics?
VERBOTEN, Mein Herr!

Here in Indonesia too…

…political interference by foreigners in the nation’s affairs is not countenanced, and quite right too.

As in the old saying, or song..

.‘Why did Constantinople get the works, that’s nobody’s business but the Turks!”

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And that old song brings me to the heart of tonight’s late-night observation.

It is surely time Western countries took a leaf out of the Indian and Indonesian books!

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…that demonstrate their aversion to their country of residence, while in English-speaking lands, the problem has been manifest for years…

Hateful bag-heads polluting London
…going back to when that Pakistani swine Tariq Ali was supporting the Communists during the Vietnam War…
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Insanely, he was subsequently granted the privilege of UK citizenship!
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We recently reported on alien ingrates taking an active part in a demo run by far-left rabble-rousers in Italy…

Hundreds of migrants also joined the Sardines on Saturday in Rome to protest against Salvini’s hardline immigration policies.  Guardian Reveals Shock Truth – Salvini, Giorgia…NOT Italians!?! 


…and I’m sure wherever you are, you will find local examples of resident – or transient – aliens meddling in your country’s business...

These people should be told off good and proper, reminded that they are in other people’s countries, and warned that if they act up again, their uppity asses will be booted back to whence they came. ,