Disloyals Warn – ‘We Don’t Want Soldier F’s Supporters At Trial!’

That sounds like a key part of the message coming out of the latest kerfuffle in Londonderry,  where fans of the witch-hunt…

….being mounted against ‘Soldier F,’ one of those servicemen ( long since retired) dragged into a legal mire over his part in so-called ‘Bloody Sunday,’ the long-ago incident when 13 participants in an illegal parade were shot dead.



It took two reports to get the politically correct result, the second report, in 2010, contradicting the first, which did not smear the soldiery.

Witch-Hunt Ban Depends On Talks With Terror Fans? 

We have commented on this before, but now a proposal to move the proceedings from Londonderry to Belfast has the whiners up in arms again,

Today the families are worried once more that they having to endure more  pressure and travel to see justice done for their loved ones.

I have made the trip often enough.

It was an undemanding bus ride.

But then we get to what is perhaps the underlying issue for those playing, not so much the boring, jaded ( and typically republican) victim card, but a sectarian blame-game!

The same republican reveals the continuing spectre of disloyal violence by acknowledging that Soldier F’s supporters face a real risk of if they show up in the vicinity of the court…


….because that neighbourhood’s Enemy Within are either so numerous or so rabid, or both, that protesting the soldier’s  innocence  could endanger Ulster Brit patriots engaged in protest!

As for security concerns raised today I would say there is more security problems for the police in Belfast because if the trial was heard there then supporters of Soldier F would feel safe enough to turn up and protest against the trial, and this could lead to counter protests against the Para’s supporters,” https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/17/bloody-sunday-families-irate-soldier-fs-trial-may-move-to-belfast

In other words, on the streets of Londonderry…


Image result for evil irishman


…supporters of Soldier F would NOT feel safe enough to turn up and protest against the trial..

There’s little doubt that most decent British people, both on the UK mainland, but also in Ulster…

A Soldier Support Banner on the Lisburn Road in Belfast.
A Soldier Support Banner on Lisburn Road in Belfast.  Damned right!

….want to let the old soldier go home and enjoy his well-earned retirement.

Fans of the witch-hunt claim they resent the prospect of having to undertake an easy journey to the scene of the hearing.

But when asked to elaborate on this trivial objection, the mask slips and threats to the safety of critics of the witch-hunt loom suddenly large!