Poor Vanessa – AP Shoulda Excised AB!

How would you feel about being cut out of a group photo, on graduation day, say, or an outing with your pals?

Not best pleased, I’d wager!

So although I have no time for foolish kids who try to lecture older ( and, more importantly, much more educated) people on the climate, or anything else, I can feel a pang of sympathy for poor Vanessa Nakate, who posed with other young Climate Panickers she had met up with…



…to emulate the cackling of old-style hot-gospellers, that the end of the world is nigh!

Vanessa Nakate with fellow climate activists Luisa Neubauer, Greta Thunberg, Isabelle Axelsson and Loukina Tille, from left, in Davos, Switzerland.

Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate has called out racism in media after she was cropped out of a photo featuring prominent climate activists including Greta Thunberg, Loukina Tille, Luisa Neubauer and Isabelle Axelsson.


Vanessa was beside herself when AP published the photo – after excising her!

Needless to say, she climbed aboard the racism hobby-horse, but the man responsible says it was done because he didn’t like the building in the background!


Hmmm…well, it’s a pallid sort of colour…

I’d have thought sexism rather than racism was a more likely whine-cause – no blokes in the photo?

No transfreaks either?

Seriously, it was mean and now Vanessa has been restored to the published pic – it’s been quietly put back into its original form.

What a pity they couldn’t remove The Addled Swede Brat!

AP could have filled the gap in the line-up by superimposing a cartoon of a pig’s ass…

…which, after all, produces more in the way of wisdom!

I can’t be the only media reader who is sick and tired of seeing her vacuous countenance and hearing her hectoring, priggish little voice almost daily, when she has not even attended school as much as every other child in her home-town…


A mural on the side of a building depicts the Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Sure beats going to school and actually learning stuff!


….having been prepped by her irresponsible far-left father and mother to sit on her juvenile ass at the school gates…


…while other children, whose brains work normally, entered the school in order to learn.

One has to ponder the question – were she not mentally afflicted, would she have shown more backbone and stood up to those who have used her to advance their cause?



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