A Very British Vendetta – Freakos’ Furious Fox-Hunt

We get BBC here in Jakarta, as readers will be well aware from my frequent criticisms of the tax-funded state broadcasting agency’s almost daily biases.



But their ‘world service’ does not include Question Time, on which my voice was once heard.

It’s a popular viewer choice, because four guests, usually politicos but often with selected pinko creep ‘notables’ to ensure any patriotic and/or conservative voice is outnumbered.

For example, during the Brexit debate, it was often a 3 to 1 line-up.

So I didn’t see the edition about which an impressive article appeared in spiked.com this month…


…on which an actor named Laurence Fox, who is hardly conservative but does have a brain and uses it, was on the panel and spoke a great deal of sense.

But wow, has he been getting backlash, from almost every imaginable degenerate, intolerant ratpack in the UK.

I was really surprised that it created such a drama, but I think it created such a drama because actually, the British are very patient, and I think we’re tired of being told that we’re racist by the people that we pay money for and support and generally applaud, so it just hurts that little bit extra when you’re called a racist on top of it.’

He later added: ‘The wokeists are fundamentally a racist bunch. Because they are racist, they see colour everywhere. Identity politics are racist as well.’


Quite so!

The UK seems to be turning into a land of witch-hunts…



…judging from that story and another, of an Oxford professor lady, who has had to be provided with personal security protection, due to vicious threats from trans-freaks.


Obviously men who think they are women, and women who think they are men…


…are mentally disturbed.

Those with violent tendencies need to be put into lunatic asylums and whatever therapies required should be applied until mental equilibrium is restored.



A new wing at Broadmoor ( for non-UK readers, that’s a penitentiary for the criminally insane – or was – don’t know if it’s still there) should be a priority on Bojo’s spending list.