Avanti Popolo! Will Italians Chew Up Sour Sardines?

We all hoped, yesterday, that Matteo Salvini…

…and his lovely ally Giorgia Meloni…

…would manage a double-whammy, simultaneous victories in Emila Romagna AND in Calabria, two more regions liberated from Left regimes and now under patriot control.

As the morning breaks here in Jakarta, it’s too early to be sure about Emiglia Romagna, where the reds have ruled for 70 years, currently too close to call, but in Calabria, things are looking good.

A patient wait for details is required.

But no matter the final outcome – which will be available in most media – it’s clear from exit polls that the patriots have come from a minimal share of the votes last time round to make this election a hair’s breadth win for whichever side comes out on top.

….incumbent re-elected with between 47% and 51% of votes, according to the exit polls. The League’s candidate, between 44% and 48% of votes… https://www.wsj.com/articles/italys-center-left-incumbents-expected-to-hold-off-salvini-to-win-crucial-election-11580077821

And that’s damn near as good as a win for Salvini!

So a quick gloat is permissible, at least at the smarmy pinko clique that took to calling themselves ‘Sardines’ and were SO arrogant in their expectations…

Italy’s ‘Sardines’ hope to gut populists in regional ballot


…till the electorate told them to Fish Off.

The challengers have not been ‘gutted!’

Far from it, the Salvini surge is breath-taking!


Avanti Popolo’ is the first line of an Italian red battle-song, typical marxist hypocrisy, to sing of the “people’s advance” when communists have always been the enemy of the people!

So I use it today to announce the impressive performance of parties who really speak for the people!