Cambridge X-Stinko Traffic Chaos? Time To Teach The Scum A Lesson!

Extinction Rebellion plans rush hour roadblocks for Cambridge

The protest plans may interfere with your evening commute

These arrogant parasitic scumbags NEED to be put down.

They are out of order when they swoop on companies that are engaged in legitimate business the X-Stinko scumbags don’t happen to like.

When they escalate their anti-social mayhem to make life hell for decent people simply trying to get home after a hard day’s honest work…

…the police should be ordered in with truncheons flailing, beat those X-Stinko swine till they beg for mercy…

…or better still, have the police tell the innocent commuters being victimised by the X-Stinkos that they are free to take any steps they like, to clear the rabble off the public highway they’re maliciously obstructing.


  • One hopes some at least of the motorists carry wrenches, tire-irons etc., in case of such unexpected opportunities!