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    Grunwick – When Spiked Gets It Wrong, It’s VERY Wrong!

    Spiked.com is often a source of very sensible opinion and information…


    …and I have often referred my readers to their articles..

    A Very British Vendetta – Freakos’ Furious Fox-Hunt 

    …as recently as yesterday!

    But although this recent one – https://www.spiked-online.com/2020/01/21/bbc-presenters-are-not-oppressed/– has a lot of sound content, as you would expect me to say, given it’s having a go at the whinerettes of the unspeakable BBC, it also includes something like a re-writing of industrial relations history.

    The Grunwick dispute was over four decades ago.

    I was quite far from the scene, but I remember it well enough – much as one remembers Scargill’s NUM boot-boys.

    Oops – my attempt at a Scargill photo was misconstrued – escargot, anyone?

    – and I’m fairly sure Scargill showed up on the Grunwick picket-line!

    However, I wanted to be sure of my recollections, after reading the Spiked piece. Thus last night found me looking through the internet, which made me realise that a large number of left/lib/marxist media have been trying to turn the red-directed rabble into heroes.


    Image result for violence grunwick

    Police V Red Rabble, Grunwick, 1976


    I did mention the events, last year…


    Image result for jack dromey grunwick

    Two Rotten Remainers- The Anti-Clean-Break Letter Co-Plotters ! 

    …when I mentioned Jack Dromey, who tidied up his appearance and became a Labour MP, but I prefer to give you an extract from elsewhere, which explains the reality.

    Grunwick was a photo-processing business in north London owned by an Anglo-Indian entrepreneur who had dismissed a number of immigrant workers after a walk-out.

    The APEX trade union signed up the sacked workers, demanded recognition at the plant, and organised mass pickets which rapidly turned violent.

    The majority of Grunwick workers – mostly veiled Asian women – who did not want to be unionised had to be bussed in each day through a hail of abuse. Grunwick’s outgoing mail, containing the developed films on which the business depended, was “blacked” by postal unions and had to be smuggled out and discreetly posted elsewhere by NAFF volunteers. https://allaboutivens.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/michael-ivens-cbe-1924-2001/

    NAFF refers to an organisation nowadays going strong but under the name The Freedom Association.



    No doubt many of you might find their news-letter interesting.

    They did a grand job and the besieged women workers were eventually left in peace to do the jobs they liked doing – as far as I know.

    Anyway, I’ll still read spiked.com – as I try to read everything – cautiously!

    • JazPen 18:28 on January 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Grunwick, George Ward, yes, that was on all the front pages then, union picket violence against workers.
      As far as I can remember, your version is more reliable than spiked.com’s.


    • Pamela 19:35 on January 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I hadn’t realised the Freedom Association was still in existence but I’m pleased they are. They did a very good job during the Grunwick dispute.
      That Dromey was typical of his kind, scruffy, as you show us, and a rabble-rouser, so his later ‘evolution’ into an anti-Brexiteer comes as no surprise.



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