UK Gaystapo War On Freedom – Red Queers Get Preacher Banned!

Who are the “the Liverpool Labour [Party] LGBT Network?”

That title is fairly self-explanatory – obviously a gang of red queers, operating in a once-great city, and, like most organised aberrant outfits, in all countries, they are out to war down freedom of speech, in this case in the United Kingdom.

The gaystapo threat gets ever more arrogant.


Who is Franklin Graham?

He’s the son of the famous American evangelist, Billy Graham, and, following in his father’s footsteps, he has been scheduling speaking events in eight British cities to spread the Christian gospel.

However, his intention to include Liverpool have suffered a set-back, after the militant maladjusts of that ‘LL (P) LGBT N’ got up a petition to the far-left City Council, seeking to ban the Christian from the ACC Liverpool Stadium.


Their excuse for suppressing free speech on municipal property?

The group objected to Graham’s religious beliefs concerning homosexuality and said they feared that his appearance might “incite hateful mobilisation and risk the security of our LGBTQ+ community.”


What needs to be secured are traditional British liberties!

Both England and Scotland are Christian countries, each with its national church established by law.

What we are seeing with this Liverpool stunt, and many another report of life under pro-pervert governments…

….is the illegitimate replacement of Christianity by the ‘gay’ ideology of decadence and intolerance.