Brexit Eve, Brits! Be Prepared! Remain Zombies Already Rising!

A wondrous dream of freedom, illuminated by those lights in London, and to the extent Brexit has been realised…

…cause for joy.

The Remainiacs have not been extirpated, but are scheming still.

‘We stand for a European Britain. We will be back.’

That gob of spittle directed at democracy came from an arrogant Observer hack named Will Hutton, but he is far from unique as a bad loser.

Remember this pledge-breaking poltroon?

Image result for dominic grieve remain

Do you trust people whose mouths hardly move when they talk – watch the weasel!


Dominic Grieve, defeated in his own constituency, is ranting from beyond the political grave – listen to him!

While UK patriots deserve their celebration tonight, and will be focused on getting rid of residual elements of the noxious EUSSR presence in British political life, never ignore the Enemy’s Fifth Column…


….,of whom Hutton the Hack and Deadbeat Dominic may indeed be fairly insignificant examples, but…

She sent the Europhiliacs a video paean – see that second ‘New European link above – but still has never come clean about aspects of her dodgy record!

What’s the truth about Gina Miller?

…as hardly needs saying, only two of many!