BBC Rico Flaunts His Pay-Masters’ Pro-Pervert Prejudice!

I stumbled out of bed on Thursday morning and started on the first of many coffees…

…switching on the tv, masochistically choosing BBC World News.

There was Rico Hizon, their Filipino flunkey, interviewing some geezer identified as an ‘Asian human rights expert.’

I settled down, knowing that Rico the Pinko…


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A Role-Model For Youth?’ BBC’s Rico Fawns On Swede Brat! 

…would sooner rather than later provide me with ammunition.

Not a long wait!

The excuse for the interview was apparently a ‘report’ on ‘human rights’ – yeah, another one!

The miilion Uighirs in China were of course mentioned ( but not the Tibetans!) and India’s citizenship bill, and, inter alia, Thailand’s generals.

These are matters around which much debate has swirled, although I would define them as debates on political or constitutional rights, rather than ‘human rights,’ the definitions of which are changed in cavalier manner by unelected jurists to suit passing fads…


Gambar terkait


… but which somehow has perverted its role to the extent that signatory states are now ordered not to expel the vilest terrorists to any other country which might impose the death penalty for their atrocities.


However, the issues, in China, India, etc., are important – they affect very many decent men and women.


Then Rico went into brazen bias mode, asserting unblushingly the BBC pro-pervert narrative.

Ah, yes, the situation seems bleak, he said, but not everywhere in Asia!

Surely there’s also been signs of ‘PROGRESS!’


Taiwan has legalised “same-sex marriage!”

Oh, yes, concurred the ‘expert’  – and, completely ignoring the affront to democracy which brought about that wretched outcome…


‘Free China?’ No More, As Taiwan Disses Democracy! 


….,paid tribute to the popular pressure there.

Completely disgusting, not just the pair’s delight in how the wishes of the people of Taiwan were ignored, but, for pity’s sakes..

….how dare these wallies compare the merits of alleged cultural genocide, of alleged disenfranchising of millions, of issues of life and death, with the ‘right’ of maladjusted men to bugger each other under the cloak of matrimony…


Does Rico Hizon have no shame?