Fightback Against Transfreak Child-Mutilation Programme

And good news!

Other states are introducing similar bills…


to the one reported in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader-

Rep. Fred Deutsch and 44 other lawmakers are proposing to make it a felony for medical professionals to treat transgender children with hormones and sex reassignment surgery in South Dakota.

Fred Deutsch

Fred Deutsch

Never heard of Fred Deutsch before!

But he’s the kind of caring legislator the world needs ten thousand more of.

His Vulnerable Child Protection Act makes it a ‘Class 4 felony for a medical professional to conduct several practices on children, including emancipated children, in an attempt to change or affirm the child’s “perception” of their sex “if that perception is inconsistent with the minor’s sex.” ‘

First, well done these 45 law-makers for skipping that ridiculously misused word ‘gender’ which belongs in grammar books.

But most importantly, hurray for their humanity!

That compassionate piece of legislation should earn them the respect and appreciation of every parent, not just in Fred Deutsch’s state but throughout America.

Should…and we hope it does!

Yet we can rest assured that it will also draw down on the man in South Dakota an avalanche of abuse and vilification from every degenerate in his state and from every evil freak everywhere.

And there are a lot of those.