Greece – Getting Better All The Time!

What a surprise, that the ‘Greek government has been criticised!

Why the criticism?

Because they are going to ‘build a floating barrier’ in what Homer called the ‘wine-dark sea,’ the Aegean…



…off the tormented island of Lesbos, where ingrate savages have made life hell for the islanders since Erdolf unleashed the crimmigrant tsunami in 2015.

Oh, and not just for those Greeks on that island where the poetess Sappho is said to have dwelt!

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So far it’s only planned to extend for 2.7km., a ‘netted barrier’ rising between ‘pylons 50 metres above water and will be equipped with flashing lights to demarcate Greece’s sea borders.’

Great stuff.

So what’s to criticise?

 “In Evros, natural barriers had relative [good] results in containing flows,” referring to the barbed-wire topped fence that Greece built along its northern land border with Turkey in 2012 to deter asylum seekers.
“We believe a similar result can be had with these floating barriers. We are trying to find solutions to reduce flows.”