Another Antifa Red Nazi Caught On Camera!

Having watched Pelosi struggling to alter her plastic-surgery-anchored fizzog into an expression this morning, as she went into tantrum-mode and ripped up Donald’s outstanding speech…

Millions of American voters were watching, and will have drawn their own conclusions.

Instead, I am going quickly to look at the Republican gent who’s running against her in November’s legislative election.

Or, more precisely, to look at the moronic Red Nazi in the photo below…


…a typical Antifa street-lout, snarling threats at the candidate, very incoherent threats indeed…



…which is unsurprising, since Antifa Red Nazis use violence BECAUSE they are incapable of rational debate,

The Republican stood his ground and the Red Nazi scumbag waddled off rather than try to turn his intimidatory grunting into action. Read more