Twitter Bigot Dorsey Facing Court Confrontation?

I don’t use Twitter, never have, and I am famously banned from Facebook for publicising the Cikeusik Pogrom – anniversary tomorrow, watch for it – and I can’t say I miss my outlawed access to the Zuckwit-Zone.


Islamist pigs revel in brutality at Cikeusik

Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again

But I’m ever-ready to add my voice to protests on behalf of others who suffer discriminatory censorship at the hands of the sleazy magnates who run those leftist outfits.


That Twitter-Turd, Jackboot Dorsey, has been at it again.

      “This is just a web ad we put together, no money behind it,” Martin told PJ Media. “Interestingly, Twitter immediately flagged it as ‘sensitive content’ which has severely limited the number of views it’s received. I can’t imagine what would be considered ‘sensitive content’ in the video…”

Dorsey’s hostility to free speech and fair play is notorious.

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Here’s another recent example of what he’s been up to!


Republican Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer has filed a formal Federal Election Commission complaint against Twitter for providing in-kind corporate contributions to her opponent, Democrat Congresswoman Lois Frankel, by censoring her from the platform.

That latter report does contain encouraging news…

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…viz. that a Florida State Senator, Joe Gruters, has introduced a proposal to reform the law to prevent bigotry like Dorsey’s from suppressing free speech, placing a ban on using “the social media website user’s alleged hate speech as a basis for justification or defense of the social media website’s actions at trial.”

A worldwide fightback against the anti-social media left-decadents, Dorsey, Zuckwit, and all their geekstapo acolytes who censor any and every attempt to oppose their ideological agenda, is required.