DW’s ‘Political Correspondent’ Talks Whose Rot About Thuringia!

It’s an oldy but never a goody, that slick hack trick of using fanatic leftists’ words, without attribution to any particular leftist, thus hoping to exculpate themselves and their media from charges of gross bias.



But Simon Young, DW’s ‘political correspondent’ didn’t hesitate to use the slick trick today, on the subject of Thuringia .

His performance was of course par from the course with the parasitic tax-funded German channel…

….and given that their charter commands they slant their output towards ‘liberal’ ideology, perhaps they feel it’s their duty to ignore fair play.

Herr Young was no sooner on the ‘news’ show than he started gabbling about how there was a push to hold new elections to get a state premier without the ‘taint’ of AfD support!


Image result for taint

‘Taint?’ – a thing whose influence or effect is perceived as contaminating or undesirable? – ‘

That’s impartial reporting?

A lot of people would say having the Left Party in power would ‘taint’ Thurngia- but DW won’t mention that.

Young himself uses that word, not quoting anyone, so we get that his leftist mind-set is raring to go!

Then more gabbling, about how the so-called ‘scandal’ had stirred discussion of Germany in the 1920s and 30s…

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…suggesting thereby that the perfectly legal and widely popular patriot party, the AFD, somehow resembled Hitler’s Nazis.

Discussion among whom?

The Greens? The Left Party? DW’s vile biased hacks?

No doubt, but NOT among the millions who like and respect the patriot party.

A lot more Thuringians must be discussing why there’s now discussion of dissolution of the state parliament they elected barely six months ago!



The in-crowd’s smear campaign is utter hogwash.

The Nazi Party, or any reincarnation thereof, is explicitly banned in Germany, and rest assured, if there were any credible, or even vague, resemblance between the NSDAP and the AfD, the ruling class, Mama Stasi and the Berlin in-crowd, would act eagerly to suppress the patriots.


HEIL MERKEL!   – Heiko Maas

Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

Indeed, that slimy  ‘Himmler’ Maas has tried, and failed miserably, to dig up dirt to justify such an anti-democratic intervention.

Was it Young, or the dingbat talking to him, another DW leftist, who told us that ‘many’ Germans were ‘DISGUSTED’ at the sight of Thuringia’s AfD leader giving a congratulatory handshake to the liberal FDP legislator, Thomas Kemmerich…


Björn Höcke AfD ( with red tie!) with FDP winner( then quitter!) Kemmerich

…who seemed more than content to shake the courteous hand, and to win the premier’s job with AFD support…

…but who has now been bullied into quitting!


Who gets ‘disgusted’ by a show ofcommon courtesy?

Only bigoted far left fanatics?