Black Sunday? Will Swiss Voters Ban Spontaneous Humour?

Today the voters of Switzerland have a chance to preserve their hard-won heritage of individual liberty, or vote to approve an Alpine version of the queers’ charter…



….which has now been incorporated into almost every West (but thank God not East) European body of law, muzzling citizens who could previously express their distaste for sexual perversion, but in Switzerland…


‘…the government stresses that the new law will not hinder public debate or affect private conversations.’

Well, that’s okay then, right?


‘Even jokes about gays are still OK “as long as they respect human dignity”, Interior Minister Alain Berset said in a video message to voters….’

So if this latest gaystapo Great Leap Forward goes through, as polls predict it very well may, no more spontaneous humour in Switzerland!

As the Minister makes so menacingly clear, every Swiss citizen will have to ponder carefully before sharing a little bitty witty to-and-fro with colleagues at work or drinking buddies in a bar…

….lest their joke may be overheard by some sticky-beak queer or leftist gaystapo informer…

….who decides that other people’s humour does not ‘respect human dignity!’