Meddling In Foreign Elections Bad, Unless….

Squelchy sticky-beak noises from a prominent Strasbourg Slug named Stéphane Séjourné…


…,a Macronette MEP who thinks it perfectly appropriate, despite being French, to tell German voters they must submit to  ‘new elections to prevent this situation from happening again.’

’This’ of course refers to the Thuringian ‘scandal’ where German regional legislators impeccably followed the constitutional rules to elect a state premier…

….who was at once bullied into resigning, as we reported at the weekend.


Oh, and The Ghastly Guy…


….,Verhofstadt, a Belgian, also thinks he has the right to lecture Germans, calling the vote “unacceptable” and adding, with an arrogant and pompous readiness to meddle that is outlandish…

Heil Soros! Unspeakable Guy Defends Plutocrat Meddling! 


…. even by his uniquely stunning standards,

– “not in my name!”

Of course it’s not in your name, you Belgian berk.


Non-Germans do not, as a rule, get a say in Germany’s internal politics.