If Thuringia Gets Told Who May Be Elected, How About Hibernia?

With the Vermin Party set to increase significantly its representation and influence…


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The 2015 Government report into paramilitary activity, which came about following the IRA murder of Kevin McGuigan, made clear that Sinn Fein are controlled by the IRA Army Council.


…winning about the same percentage of Eire voters as Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, will we hear from MEPs about the need to impose a cordon sanitaire on the fans of the IRA murder-gang?



Will Guy Verhofstadt rant in Strasbourg against the Vermin Party having any role in politics, and will Stéphane Séjourné, the Macronite MEP, rail about the need for ‘new elections to prevent this situation from happening again?’

Meddling In Foreign Elections Bad, Unless…

Or will a typical EUSSR double-standard apply, perfectly okay for Belgian and French mutts to bark mindlessly, meddlesomely, against the German patriot party AfD, but not against Eire’s SF Vermin Party?


Just asking!