Asia Bibi – A REAL Refugee Earns Our Respect!

It’s always sad when people who are given sanctuary after fleeing from a country they say was unpleasant, or worse than unpleasant, to live in, but then respond with disgusting ingratitude…

 Dirty Thieving Scum – ‘Refugees’ Torment Greek Farmers!

Another Alien Ingrate Riot! Did You Even Hear About It? 

Vile Ingrates Again Show Contempt For Greek Hosts! 

…or even seek to stage action replays of the kind of sectarian intolerance they should be glad to have escaped…

Kurds attacked in Greek camp, accused of not fasting on Ramadan

…instead of doing the right thing and using their safe haven as a platform to denounce the cruelty they allegedly fled.

How admirable then, to note that one prominent and genuine refugee is doing what’s right.

Asia Bibi, falsely accused of blasphemy, a Christian woman who escaped the “near-total enforcement of Shariah” in Islamic Pakistan, warns that the Christians who remain face a constant “sword of Damocles.” Christian who escaped Muslim Pakistan warns of ‘sword of Damocles’

Well said, dear lady!

Though please note, not only Christians face sectarian evil in that backward land! Sectarian Barbarism – Alive And Thriving In Pakistan!  Innocent Ahmadi Muslims suffer at least as badly.


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Asia Bibi

I’m so glad we championed your cause!

Bring Bibi Out Of The Hell-Hole! 

And actually rather proud of the fact that my blog is banned in Pakistan!