UK Judge Jerks Side With Criminal Aliens!

Rape, manslaughter and Class A drug-dealing?

Those are offences mentioned on the BBC World News this morning!

Mustn’t deport such model citizens, must we?

That’s apparently the view of the Court of Appeal in London….



…and Goddam those clowns for their meddling.

As reported in the Guardian today, the plane due to take a cargo of scum eventually took off with less than half the scum meant to go.

But Boris Johnson should stop being defensive on deportations.

His spokespersons seem to think it’s an argument to say that it’s only ‘serious’ offences that should get alien dregs booted out!

No way!

I sympathise with people in the destination countries who don’t want their communities polluted by no-goods, as we discussed a year ago…

Rape, Murder – Or Other ‘Little Different Things?’ 

But any non-Brit who breaks any British law should be sent packing. The UK has enough home-grown law-breakers.