What The HELL Is Surprising About Patriot Party Poll Advance?

It’s certainly curious that the far-left Die Linke party…


Die Linke, heir to the Soviet collabos


…has ‘surged’ in a Thuringian poll, but not in the least surprising that Mama Stasi Merkel’s CDU has slumped.



Nobody who considers himself or herself remotely conservative should have anything to do with the CDU, whose Fuhrerin in Berlin threw a tantrum, or as much of a tantrum as can be expected of a fat old bat, in her fury that the Left were kept out of power.

However the engrained bias of Deutsche Welle is blindingly obvious when they say this in their report –

Perhaps most surprisingly, however, is that despite the outcry, support for the AfD improved slightly, from 23.4% to 24%.

What is in any sense ‘surprising’ about that?

The AfD did nothing wrong. They were elected properly and exercised their right – their duty, surely – to vote against the ascent of the far-left heirs of the DDR quisling regime.

If anything is surprsing, it’s that their increase in voter support is not greater.

PS Oddly, DW makes no mention of Mama’s coalition chums, the Socialist SPD. Have they been totally squished, their remaining voters gone over to the more full-blooded reds in Die Linke?

More of this by the weekend.