Hero Salvini To UK? Arrogant Left Aims To Veto Visit!

Since he’s beset by fanatic anti-democracy foes in Italy, I was surprised to read in the news today that patriot hero Matteo Salvini was planning a speaking tour to other countries next month.

Pro-crimmigrant forces want to put him on trial for his admirable crack-down on unwanted aliens, bizarre charges of ‘kidnapping’ batches of Med boat-bludgers whose disembarkation he prevented.

But if the Guardian is to be believed ( ! ) then a number of cities, including Liverpool, are on his speech-schedule, and inevitably the local intolerant far-left are already claiming a ‘right’ to veto the visit!

Sour Shabby, oops, Sabby, is all fretty because, he says, Salvini ‘described criminal proceedings against him for kidnapping asylum seekers as medals for having defended Italy’s borders.’

Sounds to me that Salvini summed up the court vendetta rather well!


But then the true, ugly face of far-left censorship leered out-

It’s vital we all raise our voices to make sure this visit cannot happen...”


Cannot happen?’

Who does this dork think he is?

I bet there are loads of Liverpudlians fed up to the back-teeth with the multi-cult mess that Merseyside has become…


…and with the sheer damned arrogance of the likes of Shabby Sabby dictating the limits of free discussion and political debate!

Liverpool patriots should tell far-left fanatics that free speech is an integral part of the British heritage.

That’s something the Enemy Within either does not understand or simply deplores as an obstruction to the cultural marxist agenda!