Craven Cambs Cops Refuse To Defend Democracy!

After giving you the Cambridge cops’ explanation for their inertia in dealing with the anti-social X-Stinko scum a day or so ago…

…now we read of a situation in which the Climate Panic scum deliberately disrupted local democracy.



Read the linked story –

Extinction Rebellion protesters stage all-night ‘occupation’ of Cambridge City Council meeting

And gasp at the shameful dereliction of duty by Cambridgeshire Constabulary..

Police eventually advised councillors to “call it a day” and leave the meeting while protesters continued to “occupy” the public chamber

Those ‘police’ are not worthy of the name.

They should have waded in with tasers and truncheons. Instead they ran up the white flag.

They are a disgrace.

Not that those councillors are sympathetic figures…

…because the damfools’ agenda included moves to set up a ‘citizens assembly,’ which ipso facto undermines the legitimacy of their own statutory responsibility to represent the people of Cambridge!

Alert! ‘Democratic Experiments’ – Coming To A Nation Near Yours! 

In a democratic society, you fight elections – you don’t seek to establish unrepresentative soviets as an alternative means of thwarting what the people want.