French Media Covered For Paris ‘Merchant Banker’

On France 24’s ‘The World This Weekend,’ even Daily Beast ( F24’s partner media)  far-left Christopher Dickey could scarce forbear to sneer at George Blume, Paris correspondent of Germany’s Die Zeit, after that hirsute creature’s pro-communist outburst…



But I’ll get back to that later.

Die Zeit
France24’s German Hack Defends Red China Despotism!

I’ve no time for Dickey, whose rabid bigotry against patriots in every land we have recorded often enough…


Gambar terkait

Christopher ‘The BeastDickey on Trump supporters… They are ‘STUPID! ‘


…and typically, today, he asked about Bojo’s spending plans, wondering where the money’s coming from!

Dickey is a fanatic globalist but not stupid. He must know the UK was subject to an annual rip-off by the Brussels Empire.


But Dickey was, at least on one topic, in more sane mood today – he showed no sympathy with that clown candidate for Mayor of Paris, Benjamin Griveaux, whom we had to write about before, on a separate, but arguably related issue…

government spokesperson Benjamin Griveaux confirmed on Tuesday that topics such as gay marriage, the death penalty and abortion would not be up for discussion.


Image result for griveaux benjamin


Benjamin-Blaise Griveaux is described as having a ‘devouring ambition’ and if you translate this article, you’ll learn a lot about him – not a nice man! 

…but now we know he recorded film of himself engaging in self-abuse and is very angry that everybody found out!

Merchant banker: (UK) Merchant banker = wanker (‘wanker’ is a British English term whose dictionary meaning is a person who masturbates, but generally just implies a low opinion of that person.)   Cockney Rhyming Slang

Griveaux was so angry that he quit, whining about the media being mean to his family –

– because all France now knows he was masturbating to delight his mistress –

– despite having paraded his pregnant wife to promote his political career.


It turns out that, until the Macronite man stepped down as Paris mayoral hopeful, much of the collabo media in France had been covering up the creep’s disgusting antics.

It does make you wonder what else the hacks hide from the French electorate!