God Save The Queen – From Lundy ‘Loyals!’

It seems to be that only one loyalist party in Ulster is unequivocally loyal to the Crown!

That’s the inescapable conclusion to be drawn from the exchange between Jim Allister, of TUV…



…and the DUP, which is now back in ‘power’ – if one may accurately refer to being shackled to the alien Vermin Party –  Vermin Party Top Eire Election Polls – Who’s Surprised?  as ‘power!

Jim sums up the response he got to a question about inviting HM The Queen to Ulster’s centenary celebrations in2022 as ‘ducking and diving.’



And who can blame him, if you read the weasel words issued by Arlene Foster and her Deputy Dawg, Vermin Party leader Michelle O’Neill.


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O’Neill, simpering with Blood-Beast Adams


In the absence of any specific proposal by the Assembly for such an invitation, and taking into account the prohibition in Standing Order 19(2)(e) on hypothetical questions, we do not consider it appropriate to respond in the terms requested.”

Exactly what’s hypothetical?

The 100th anniversary is indisputable, 1921 – 2021.

No matter disloyal dirt-bags don’t like it, it’s historical fact that the Ulster-Brits’ right to self-determination was put into effect a century ago next year!


And Scotland’s devolved legislature got a royal address after only 20 years!

HM, as the report notes, has also been to the Welsh Assembly, more than once.

Key question – but I doubt it will get any kind of honest answer!

Why is there such a reluctance to dodge an invitation for Her to address the Northern Ireland Assembly?” Mr Allister queried.

PS – note to non-Ulster readers, the word ‘Lundy’ is trad slang for turncoat, from a 17th century fellow who let the loyal side down.