Encore! Vive Les Flics!


Vive Les Flics!


French riot police try to evacuate climate change activists blocking a road at Chambéry airport


No, I’m not talking about that France24 ‘showbiz/‘culture’ programme…

.Bojo A ‘Racist Clown?’ France24 Hands Hate-Freak A Megaphone! 

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…where vacuous leftist hackettes ‘interview’ ( i.e. incite) ‘celebs’ to engage in ideologically idiotic outbursts.

I mean the French cops, aka ‘les flics,’ who showed the effete constabularies of England…


…how to handle anti-social lawless X-Stinko scum.

Climate campaign group Extinction Rebellion has posted footage on social media reportedly showing French riot police dousing activists at an airport protest with pepper spray.

The arrogant mob had deliberately set out to obstruct people going about their lawful business, ‘blocking a road at the site in the south-eastern region of Chambéry.’

The cretins were whining about how they wanted to cut the number of flights at the local airport.

The X-Stinkos caused a four-mile tail-back, until the gendarmes arrived, but still the uppities refused to leave.


They took it upon themselves, with NO legal authority, to decide who might pass and who might not.

While cars were prevented from entering the site, demonstrators were allowing pedestrians to pass, news outlet France Bleu reported.

So the gendarmes, SO unlike those Cambridgeshire craven keystones, decided to do the job they get paid to do – uphold citizens’ rights!

footage posted on social media, one member of the security forces uses a canister to continuously spray protesters in an attempt to force them to move.


Use the link and cheer on the gendarmerie!