Canada – Red Indian Tantrums, Gutless Oiks, Odd Spellings…

In Montreal, protests disrupted commuter train service on the Exo’s Candiac line, forcing the regional transit authority to sub in buses…

Sounds like Canada’s suffering the same sort of anti-social tantrum antics that the X-Stinkos have been inflicting on Brits!

But reading the report reveals that Red Indians are the main trouble-makers in this case…


If Magua was around today, he’d be obstructing commuters too!

…. ‘blocking the Canadian Pacific rail line, impacting commuters at a number of stations.

And what a supine response by ‘officials,’ who instead of calling in the cops, are ‘keeping an eye on the situation!’

Useless plonkers!

The hapless dorks declare that ‘service could be disrupted for an indefinite period…’

That’s a damned disgrace.

Elsewhere in Canada, we read in the same story, the Mounties seem to have been doing a good job, judging from the whining heard from evicted agitators, not yet as raucous as the ranting by undesirables when malevolent Mohawks ran amok some years ago….

Mounties Under Fire For Tackling Lawless Louts! 

J.P. GAGNON/Twitter

Mohawk mayhem, seven years back, when the Ontario Provincial Police betrayed their duty to protect public order

…but noisily enough!

.But going through the whole news spectrum, I find only one gem of sanity, from Max Bernier.

Maxime comments about the blockades happening in support of Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs: We cannot allow a tiny minority of reactionary fanatics to paralyze our economy.

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There is also a more general matter I have long meant to have a word about – the ridiculous re-spelling of Red Indian tribes’ names.

The page is headlined Wet’suwet’en Pipeline Protests, but is that name not pronounced Wetsuweten?

Here’s wikipedia –

Witsuwitʼen is the correct spelling in the writing system in general use. In non-technical publications it is usually misspelled as Witsʼuwitʼen, Witʼsuwitʼen, Wetsʼuwetʼen, or Wetʼsuwetʼen due to the difficulty of distinguishing glottalized [ts] from plain [ts] and official spellings with <tsʼ> and <tʼs> in the name of the Wetʼsuwetʼen First Nation and the Office of the Wetʼsuwetʼen.

In point of fact the [ts] is not glottalized. Older spellings include Hotsotʼen and Hwotsotʼen. …

In other words, those apostrophes have just been inserted as some sort of affectation?

Who knows? Not me, because I had never heard of that tribe.

But I had heard of the Micmac Indians, on the far side of the Dominion.

That was how their name was always spelt but, childishly, that perfectly adequate usage is more or less banned now..


…the slavish media aping ‘academics’ who, wikipedia again tells us, discarded ‘Micmac’ as ‘colonially tainted.’

Wo’t A Lo’t O’ Ro’t!