Shame On Norway, Sending Evil Savage To A NATO Ally?

In October 2016 we offered straightforward advice on what to do with the devil  in the photo below.

Satanic sectarian Krekar

C’mon, Norway! Send Satanic Sectarian Krekar To His Death! 

…and observed that, despite our sound counsel, it was  ‘unlikely that the Norwegian authorities will put the safety of their own people above their disgusting anxiety to safeguard evil aliens from harm.’

Sure enough, the filthy cur is still there!

But maybe not?

An Iraqi Kurdish Islamist suspected of plotting attacks in Europe and the Middle East will be extradited from Norway to Italy…Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, better known as Mullah Krekar, a former leader of the Ansar al-Islam militant group, won refugee status together with his family in Norway in the early 1990s.

Aaah, yes, another poor, persecuted FAKE-refugee!

Italian authorities said that at least 15 suspected members of a militant group, including Krekar, had been arrested in six European countries on suspicion of planning attacks.

And although the swine Krekar had been arrested several times during his years in Norway, once for threats against Prime Minister Erna Solberg…

Hasil gambar untuk erna norway pm

Solberg is a sensible woman…

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has come in for sharp criticism after being quoted as saying the Nazis and the extreme left had “much in common…”

….but not sensible enough to flush sh-t down the toilet, it seems!

though deemed a threat to Norway’s national security, Krekar was not deported back to Iraq because authorities there could not vouch for his safety.

How stupid can a government get!

Who gives a sh-t if the pig gets butchered in Iraq, or anywhere?

But no more stupid than the UK government, subservient as both Norway and Britain are to idiotic supranational rules, which prevent pigs like Krekar getting what’s coming to them!

Anyway, we must wait and see what Italy, Norway’s NATO ally, does…



…if and when the pig flies in.

PS –

After our comments –  – on the robed ones in Strasbourg, will the rogues there continue their journey back to sanity, or will they kow-tow to sectarian vermin?

Krekar’s publicly appointed lawyer has said he will ask the European Court of Human Rights to intervene in the case