Cambridge – Keystone Crawlers And A Big Fat Sow!

This link shows you some scenes of the city where once I dwelt happily, now the scene of sheer anarchic devilry, the X-Stinko scum, aka the…

…who deserve to be dispersed with rubber-bullets, tear-gas and hefty truncheons.

Tasers are too good for them!

Disgusting pictures – especially that fat sow of a woman, sitting, grinning like a retard, alongside the unwholesome-looking, long-haired, past-it beatnik!

If she ate less, then less natural resources would be wasted.

The cops – not the rank and file but those who give the orders…


Now there’a song the Cambs Chief Constable should be singing!


…are gutless crawlers.

If you haven’t signed the petition yet –  I’m told it’s still going –  and no matter where you are in the world, you may…

All Of You, Everywhere, Can And Should SIGN This! 

…please do now.