France24’s English Left Bigot Smears Brexit Brits!

Never heard of the rambling ‘philosopher’ who popped up on France24 on Tuesday, telling off Macron for saying there’s no place in France for Islamist disloyalty.

Macron of course is trying to stave off the onslaught of Marine Le Pen, who says that too…

…but would actually do something about it.

The ‘sociologist/philosopher’ was given quite a long time to warn us all how wrong Macron was! he had very obviously been vetted carefully by the channel’s leftists to ensure his approach would match theirs.


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Raphael Liogier


I checked him out too, of course.

The author shows how Europe, and especially France – rejecting globalisation, immigration and Islam – is sacrificing, on the altar of reactionary identity politics, the strategic role that it could play on the international stage. In a previous work – The Myth of Islamisation (Ed. du Seuil, 2012) – Liogier exposed the fallacies in the theory of a “Muslim invasion” of Europe, suggesting that this “collective obsession” was a symptom of a paranoid turn in Europe that goes beyond Islamophobia.


But even though he prattled as F24 hoped, poor Liogier was goaded along by that English leftist whose extremism we have noted before….


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Mark Owen, whose notion of an impartial presenter’s role we have mentioned in other posts not that long ago….

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…and who this week made clear his animosity towards ‘rightwing’ parties all over Europe.

Then suddenly he turned his rant into a big smear, slurring the majority of Brits who voted for Brexit…

‘…fuelled by fear of foreigners, Brexit, you could call that far right too…

No, you pinko turd, YOU could!

France24 is outstandingly awful in its bias, and that very evening, following on from Owen’s gratuitously offensive blather on Brexit, he chaired a travesty of a ‘debate’ on the Climate Panic issue.

We have observed how France 24 ‘debates’ are habitually loaded dice…

France24’s Fake ‘Debate’ Insults Audience’s Intelligence 

…and this one was no different, three women, all climate-panickers, and one man, who showed little sign of disagreeing with their outlook, except that he was not as condemnatory of the billionaire Jeff Bezos’ promise to devote millions to ‘The Cause!’

Not ONE dissenter to call out their collective hysteria.

Check it out for yourselves!

I’m not kidding! A damn disgrace!

Even so, Owen was not content to let them burble among themselves, but chimed in approvingly at regular intervals to egg them on.

The channel is partially funded by French tax-payers.

One hopes that if Marine wins the presidency next year, or is it 2022, she will cut off all public money, kick their snouts out of the tax-trough…

…and that she will declare Owen an undesirable alien…

…but… – oh-oh! – …then he would probably come crawling back to the country whose people he was so eager to insult as ‘fear-fuelled!’