Aussies Fight Climate Panic, Far-Left ‘Get-Up’ Freaks Out!

Good people can usually measure how effective their efforts are by observing how bad people react.

When unwholesome elements start freaking out, decent folks must be doing something right!

 An Australian example?

GetUp! have launched a ‘Stamp out climate denial!’ petition, asking for money, to campaign against our bid to educate kids about climate facts.

I have heard nothing bad about Advance Australia.

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..whereas I have heard nothing BUT bad about the intolerant extremists of ‘Get Up,’ and I suspect their rage at this excellent educational project…

Ms Storer said the material will target primary school students “in a way a child can understand”. They will include an e-Book with “10 climate facts to expose the climate change hoax” and “The Smart Scientist’s Kit”, described as “an educational resource for school children explaining how Australia is blessed with an excess of natural resources and that it doesn’t make sense to try and stop the climate from changing…”

Liz Storer, the national director of activist group Advance Australia.

Liz Storer, the national director of activist group Advance Australia

“Whether we like it or not, the other side of the story is being shoved down their throats,” she said.

“It’s already happening. The Left have infiltrated our education systems. Any aware parent knows that their child is being taught the Left’s ideology.

“All we’re trying to do is give a counter-narrative of what we believe is the truth … we want to see balance.”

…is just another example of that intolerance.

If ‘Get Up’ were seriously interested in getting youngsters thinking clearly about climate issues, they would be campaigning for balanced teaching in schools, giving pupils a chance to hear both sides. I assume ‘Get Up’ are not thus campaigning

I will gladly accept comments disproving my assumption.