Show Your Solidarity With Matteo Salvini, Persecuted Patriot!

So what can we do to show solidarity with the man who must surely be the Western world’s greatest resistance leader?

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    It’s crazy, I don’t know how much it costs in terms of personnel and money to prove that I’m a criminal, but I’m not afraid and I will explain that I defended my country,’ Salvini told the Italian newspaper La Stampa 

When a boat showed up at an Italian port, with a cargo of no less than 131 crimmigrants last year, Salvini did his duty as a patriotic citizen and stopped the wannabe parasites disembarking.

Matteo deserves to have a Medal of Honour specially struck on his behalf.

But instead, a swarm of lawyer lice want to have him imprisoned!

We need to wait and see how this show-trial develops, but meantime, you could all go onto Facebook – if, unlike me, Zuckwit’s Geekstapo haven’t outlawed you –


Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again

– and ‘like’ his pages!