Three of Merkel’s Invitees, One 11-Year-Old German Girl…

So many outrageous stories from Germany are covered up by the UK media.



Refugee admits Abuse of 11 year old

Thar’s the headline, and the link, and rather than polish up the translation provided by Google Translate, I’m leaving it more or less as it is – not so hard to understand what’s gone on.

As usual, the German media seems to be hiding the full names of the three ‘migrants.’

My only comment is-  –  why is the fourth person involved not named at all?

In every single instance of sexual molestation of German girls by aliens since the importation authorised in 2015…



…the courts, if a guilty verdict is rendered, should identify the evil-doer responsible for all of it.  




A perpetrator has been standing in Hanover Regional Court since Monday.

In the trial, the defendant Khudai R. (22) made a confession.

At the first meeting at the beginning of September 2018 in Langenhagen (Hanover region), the refugee from Afghanistan (came to Germany in 2015, four aliases, lives in Hesse) made it clear what he expected from the student in love, whom he met through chats a few weeks earlier….

R .: “I just asked her if she wanted to have sex with me.”

She agreed.

In a grove at the Langenhagen S-Bahn station he went to her. There were three get-togethers, two of whom were Khudai’s buddies, Ezatullah N. and Siya A. (both 19 at the time) from Hesse.

The last time, Khudai and Ezatullah took turns taking porn photos on their cell phones.


No wonder Germans are flocking to the AfD…

…the only party NOT complicit in the Fluechtling ( fake-refugee) folly!