Oh No! Brexit Might Limit Access To Erasmus!

One of the most infantile examples of last-ditch Remainiac resistance is the oft-repeated whining about how UK students will no longer be able to access the ‘famous’ Erasmus program ( which many of you will never have heard of!)

It’s an EU-controlled system whereby exchanges are done between colleges around Europe.


Logo of the Erasmus

It has always struck me as a peculiarly pathetic whine, as if British educational authorities were incapable of arranging exchanges or any other mutually beneficial academic arrangements with foreign counterparts.


EU funding, after all, is one of the biggest lies ever heard…


….because the Brussels Empire has no money, other than that extorted from citizens of its subject states via national taxation. Rather than have the Brussels Empire bureaucrats soak up cash as intermediary apparatchiks, surely better to have a UK college contact a French or German or Estonian college and work things out?

Even more of a good idea, you may say, after the latest news on how well the programme works…

Alloush was personally involved in kidnappings, torture and forced enlistment of children into the fighting ranks of the militant group, say the three NGO’s who helped track him down….


…. the bald-headed bearded ex-jihadist has reinvented himself and was living in France on …

Wait For It!

…an Erasmus student visa…

….meaning his stay in southern France was covered by the European Union.

He was reportedly enlisted in the Aix-Marseille University for a three month course, and arrived on French soil in early January. He spent previous years in Turkey….