Guardian ‘Exposer’ Exposes His Own Ignorance – Or Bias!

A very long-winded piece by one of the Guardian’s far-left hacks ‘exposing’ a conservative American journo for having written articles under a pseudonym for ‘extremist’ media seems a bit of a cheek…

….given how the Guardian frequently gives prominence to an unpleasant extremist… 

Guardian Sinn Fein Fan Exposes Media Migrant Cover-Up! 

….who wrote for the Vermin Party’s newspaper under a pseudonym.

Jason Wilson’s ‘revelation’ is also self-sabotaged by his invocation of the notorious far-left smear machine that peculiarly calls itself the ‘Southern Poverty Legal Centre…’

…which tends to make anything else he says hard to take seriously.

But the hack’s fundamental unreliability is his absurd description of one of America’s most infamous Marxist agitators, Angela Davis, as an ‘academic and civil rights activist!’



Wilson’s Guardian diatribe adduces the following passage as ‘evidence’ of his allegedly duplicitous conservative target’s alleged extremism, in which the rightwinger –

…. bemoans the decision of a Washington state public college, Evergreen State, to fund a visit by the academic and civil rights activist Angela Davis, calling her a “Marxist agitator”.


Older readers will remember this vile fanatic, an ardent devotee for years and years of the Communist Party USA…



..and a glance at her wiki biog will enlighten younger readers not familiar with the evil red vixen’s record.

Praised by many Marxists and others on the far left, Davis has received various awards, including the Lenin Peace Prize. She has also sustained criticism for her support for political violence and her refusal to advocate for prisoners in Marxist-Leninist countries

…The wiki writer gives heaps more factual information, well worth a read, which more than justifies the description ‘marxist agitator.’

I could use far harsher terms. And I will!

Why did the Guardian’s left fanatic decide that telling the truth about a red she-devil might serve as grounds for a witch-hunt?

And that was where I planned to finish this little bit of Sunday morning scribbling…


I thought to have one more trawl, for a picture, and, to my chagrin,  found that a much more comprehensive expose of the strange leftist hack has already been done….


Guardian writer Jason Wilson’s long list of extremist links